Bathrooms on the Disneyland Half Marathon Course

Part two in the series: Bathrooms on the Disneyland Half course. Trust me, ladies, this is information you can use!

You can find part 1, the Disneyland 10K, HERE.

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Bathrooms on the Disneyland Half Marathon Course


How to find the real bathrooms at runDisney Disneyland Half

When you runDisney, you get to run through the parks.  One of the benefits to doing this, besides being coated in pixie dust as well as sweat!- are the “real” bathroom options.

Skip the port-o-potties and hold out until you run through the parks.


Disneyland Half Bathrooms

This map comes from the USATF site, and it’s not the best, I admit. But I’m hoping this gives you an idea where to be on the lookout for potties in the parks!

How to find the real bathrooms at runDisney Disneyland Half

UPDATED: Here’s the course from the event guide. It’s not much clearer on details, however!


1.  The first bathroom is in Cars Land.  It’s located right behind Flo’s Diner and is a pretty big bathroom.  There’s typically a lot of ladies in line here, but as usual, men can breeze in and out. You’ll have to peel off course a bit to get to it (to the left).

2.  Bathrooms are also found on the right near Animation Academy on Hollywood Boulevard.

3. Your next best option is the bathrooms right by the Carousel and California Screamin’.  I stopped here one year as Jessie and Woody were located in the same area.  My family stood in the character line while I made a quick pit stop.

By the time I was finished it was time to meet the cowboys!

I can’t tell based on this map exactly what happens to the course next. I feel like you will run past Ariel’s and around Grizzly River Rapids, past Soarin and out through the main DCA gate.

If that’s the case, then you have many bathroom opps on the way out of DCA!

4. The Paradise Gardens bathrooms are available, but really these are a bit off course.  On your left! Just know they are there in an emergency.

5.  When you turn left at Ariel’s Grotto your next potty will be on your right just before you turn at Grizzly River Rapids.

6.  Directly across from Soarin’ is another bathroom (on the right).


sign dl


Again, this map isn’t super clear for me. I feel like you are not going to enter Disneyland through the front gates, but through back stage entrance based on the drawing. This means you might see a Cast Member restroom open back there, so keep your eyes peeled!

If the route takes you backstage, it looks like you re-enter near Splash Mountain.

7. Hungry Bear restaurant has a nice set of bathrooms on the lower left. This will be on your left.

8.  You’ll find a stop on the right-hand side as you enter Fantasyland.  It’s near Village Haus Restaurant.

You’ll run through the backside of the castle but take a quick left turn back into Fantasyland to run around the Matterhorn.

9. There’s a bathroom at the 5K mark near the Alice in Wonderland ride. Because the 5K mat is there, I’m not sure you’ll want to run into the bathroom before your split is recorded. Just keep that in mind!

10.  Down Main Street USA you can go left or right to bathrooms middle of the street.

11. When you exit Disneyland you should be able to find a bathroom near the entrance of the park.  It’s on the left behind Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

DL Maps Bathrooms Collage

I think that covers your options on the course.

Did I miss anything?  Be sure to let me know if I did!

How to find the real bathrooms at runDisney Disneyland Half


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  • Sarah says:

    Tomorrowland’s bathroom is very off course (or maybe it’s only really off course when you get list trying to find it, otherwise it’s just off course) (well, if you are running for time and/or trying to beat the heat) but it’s there.

  • Heather says:

    I wish I found this before the races! Ive been to DL a few times, but still don’t know the parks like the back of my hand like I do at WDW & was worried about this during the 10k. Do you have guides for the other races, even at WDW? I also wish there was one for water fountains since I need water like crazy during a race. 😉

  • Melissa says:

    I have never run any Disney events color but if I do with this is a great resource! Bathrooms always deserve their own guide.

  • My biggest fear is having to use the bathroom during a race. Of course I had to stop during my first WDW marathon because come on, its 26.2 miles and i was out there for over 5 hours! I got through my second marathon without stopping though.

  • Lesley says:

    There’s one between the Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room, but it’s hard to know what the course will be. That course map doesn’t provide any detail for the parks.

  • Very helpful guide! I haven’t run a race in Disneyland and I usually try to avoid the bathrooms during a race unless it’s a real emergency, lol!

  • AmyC says:

    This looks like a great resource for people running Disney. I imagine there are a lot of distractions that make finding your way challenging during the race.

  • Elizabeth says:

    SO happy to have found this page. Running the half as a new adventure/challenge since that week last year, my son was born! This is some great info. Thanks for posting and see you there!

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