Happening Now: Fall Running

Kicking off September with a chat about fall running.

Does your training change for the fall?

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Happening Now: Fall Running

I’m pumped for fall training this year.

Why, yes, you are on the right blog and no, no one is ghost writing it.

I, Shenanigans, am ready for the fall running season. Probably for the first time in like 4 years.

There are two main reasons for the excitement.


1. The weather.

I’m super pumped over this Virginia life. So far.

I don’t notice the humidity- too much, anyway.

I had a mild winter here, a pretty awesome spring, a mostly mellow summer and last week it was in the 60s every morning.

I’ll take it.

ps- note I’m excited about FALL training, not winter. I know what’s coming and can’t seem me suddenly embracing true cold running. I’ll stick to the gym treadmill, thank you!

I see a snowflake— did we just become best friends?


2. My last half marathon.

I’m pretty sure it’s time to retire from long distances.

I don’t like to say never again— but I just don’t enjoy the training or the races anymore.

But I am looking forward to running a favorite half at Disneyland one last time.

After 2 solid years of barely limping by on the mileage, I’m making a commitment to, you know, actually train.

It still won’t be fast, but my goals for this final race include finishing feeling like I could go a few more miles.

I know if I spend the time on my legs and feet, then I will be fine finishing the race with a smile.

I’m really just hoping to finish and not hate a single step of the race. That’s not too big a goal to reach for, right? Ha!

With kids back in school and the weather cooling off, I’m getting the running groove back- and it feels good.

So pretty here! I can’t wait to see the leave change color.

Bring on the fall, y’all!

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