Happiest Haunts Tour Review at Disneyland

The 2017 Halloween season starts this week at Disneyland. This post has information about the 2017 Happiest Haunts Tour and a review of the 2016 tour; it will be different for 2017- so no spoilers here!

I make no secret around here that I love Disneyland, Halloween, and the Haunted Mansion. 

When I landed in Disneyland last month for a work event, I knew just where we’d have to start our visit.

I grabbed my boss, Sarah from Park and Preston Travel and off we went to count 999 ghosts.

The Mansion goes down every year in late August to create the fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. We were both at the Disneyland Half weekend but didn’t get a chance to ride due to the closure.

The Haunted Mansion is featured on the Happiest Haunts Tour at Disneyland. It runs from September to October every year. Review and break down of the tour from Magical Miles Travel Agency

Welp, when we arrived we were once again greeted with closed gates.


It looked like a press event was going on, and well, I wasn’t invited. Le sigh.

We decided to drown our sorrows in butterscotch beignets.

The Haunted Mansion is featured on the Happiest Haunts Tour at Disneyland. It runs from September to October every year. Review and break down of the tour from Magical Miles Travel Agency

Zomg so good!

That’s when we saw a tour go by with very cool name tags.

I looked at Sarah and said, “We should do that!”

And without missing a beat she pulled out her phone and started calling. “Yes, we should!

That’s right, folks, Park and Preston Travel goes the extra mile for you. We will take one for the team, so to speak, and suffer through such experiences FOR YOU.

We are practically saints, amirite?

I’m joking a bit, of course, but we really do want to be in a position to give you an honest review of the experiences at the parks. It’s why we run all (most!) of the races and why we do things like add-on an extra tour or experience.

Halloweentime at Disneyland has returned! This Happiest Haunts Tour Review will get you in the spooktacular mood as you count 999 ghosts in the Haunted Mansion tour.


Happiest Haunts Tour Review at Disneyland


First, you need to know what this tour is all about. For 2017, we don’t have the details just yet (see below). I will update as they become available.

I believe this was the 3rd year that Disneyland had offered this tour and it’s been a little different each time. In 2016 the theme was the Haunted Mansion and Guests received a thorough background about the creation of this attraction.

If you love the Haunted Mansion like we do, then this was the tour for you!

Tour Details

  • Daily tours are available September 15 through October 31, 2017.
  • Tours begin at 4:00 PM
  • Price is $85 plus tax for Guests ages 3 years of age and older—Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members receive a 15% discount.
  • Separate theme park admission is required for all Disneyland Resort Tours and is not included in the tour price.
  • A 15-Guest maximum is permitted per tour. Tours fill up quickly, so early booking is recommended.
  • Please call (714) 781-TOUR (8687) to make reservations. Full payment is due at time of booking and is nonrefundable.
  • All tour Guests will receive a delicious treat, special collectible pin and credential to commemorate the tour.

The 2017 tour is confirmed to be back on the schedule, but we don’t know what the theme will be at this time. 

The tour will run every day at 4 pm and will cost $85 per person. 


2016 Happiest Haunts Tour

We started the tour promptly at 11 and made our way down Main Street as our tour guide filled our ears with background information. In an effort to preserve the magic, I’m not going to give all the details away, but I’ll give some basics so you know what we experienced.

We learned about Walt’s vision for the attraction, the backgrounds and talents from the Imagineers involved, how the World’s Fair played into the creation, and much more.

The Haunted Mansion is featured at the Happiest Haunts Tour at Disneyland runs from September to October every year. Review and break down of the tour from Magical Miles Travel Agency

We met Ophelia, one of the first animatronic flowers in the Tiki Room.

Our journey took us from Main Street, U.S.A. to Tomorrowland, to Adventureland and finally through New Orleans Square.

We had a stop at the Tiki Room, grabbed a quick snack & a show, and ended the adventure with a FastPass for the Haunted Mansion.

Spooky and creepy? No. Interesting and entertaining? YES!

While we were on the tour, I shared our journey on via Instagram stories. The stories don’t last forever, but I saved most of the slides.

*Mostly spoiler-free experience


Thanks, Sarah and Park and Preston travel for sponsoring this experience. #ItsWorkISwear 

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