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I’m a travel agent with Park and Preston Travel. We specialize in runDisney, Disney, and Universal experiences.

If you’ve spent any time around here, you know I have a thing for runDisney.

Mostly that’s a good thing. But when you spend a lot of time talking about it, learning about it, and writing about it, maybe you need to take that obsession to the next level and make it work for you.

At least that’s what my husband and Visa have been saying for years.


I’ve joined one of my favorite runDisney people, Sarah Bergman, as an agent at the Park and Preston Travel agency.

Why did I pick this agency?

It’s important to me that I can offer runDisney bibs. I know that many people miss out on the chance to sign up for these fun races, and I want to make sure it’s possible for those that want to runDisney to be able to runDisney.

I’ve worked with Sarah for the past two years, and she’s ALL CAPS AMAZING.

A good person, a good friend, a runDisney lover, and most importantly a GREAT travel agent.



A note about Park and Preston Travel: while we specialize in runDisney, we are a full-service travel agency. We can book your rooms and cars and cruises- anywhere in the world. Disney or non-Disney alike.

If I can help you runDisney, visit Disney, or hang out with my boyfriend, Harry at Universal, shoot me an email.  patty@parkandpreston.com

I’d love to plan your next theme park or cruise ship vacation!


  • Megan says:

    To quotes everyone’s dear Peggy Sue, complete stranger, I am proud of you! What a logical next step for you and how lucky that first time Disney runner will be to have you in their corner setting them up right. Best of luck with new chapter!

  • Brenda says:

    How does one become a Disney/runDisney travel agent? This could be the career I’ve been searching for. Please tell me the first step I should take in this path.

    • patty says:

      I don’t actually have much by way of suggestions other than finding an agency and asking #allthequestions. I asked a ton! It took me a long time to make a decision that felt best for me. Good luck finding your perfect fit!

  • Amazing article! I read your blog regularly and you always post great stuff.
    I shared this on Facebook and my followers really enjoyed it.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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