Change Alert: Redesign of the Blog in the Works

I’m going through the change, y’all. No, not *that* one that comes to ladies of a certain age, but another one that comes to bloggers of a certain age. The dreaded/anticipated/gut-churning process that comprises a redesign of the blog.

It’s happening over here, once again.

Change is good, right? Right! At least that’s what I’m going with, so don’t harsh my mellow.

Shush it, Sheldon!

A little background on those that are new to My No-Guilt Life (name not changing, so there’s that!):

Like many wannabe bloggers, I spent a grand total of 10 minutes coming up with a blog name, signing up on a free blog site, and jumped right in with both hands typing away.

I was on the internets, y’all!

You might remember my old brand, Margaritas, Miles & the Mouse.  It was hosted on the free Blogger platform and had a really long URL and other site limitations.  The design was stale and, well, I can admit it- just bad.

How bad?  We looked a little something like this:

chevron FB3

Yeah- you aren’t imagining things.  My chevrons look drunk.

After wearing the MMM skin for a year, I knew I wanted to do more with my corner of the internet.  I still wanted to serve the community I built.  My audience was important to me.

But the time and money I was spending on the hobby felt like a disservice to my true audience:  my family. I owed them a payoff, and I began researching ways to monetize my blog and move toward creating a business.

I needed to better define my goals and message as a blogger.

So I embraced the Bloggers 3 R’s: Refresh, Rebrand, and Redesign.

Lime 1 stays

After much discussion, I landed on the message I wanted to build my brand around: being okay with my choices and leaving the mom guilt behind.

Remember this post? That’s where I came clean about the changes that were afoot.

Rebranding and refreshing my image meant I needed a whole new look.


MNGL Logo Krizzy

I also needed a whole new site.  My old page was not friendly for the monetizing blogger. I also didn’t actually OWN my content there.

There’s a reason it was free, folks!

I needed to find a host, create a new site, and move all my content.

So all that happened, blah blah blah rebrand, redesign, and fast forward to over two years later: the itch to change things up is going on again.

As I mentioned before, I’m not changing names. Mostly because, well, to be honest: I’m lazy.

And change that big is hard.

A total rebrand with name and URL change is way more work than I’m ready to do right now. Plus, no-guilt life is still where I’m at in life, so, hey, it works.

But I am working on new logos, a new layout, and a new look.

Where we are going: it’s going to be much cleaner. I’m currently on a scale back, simplify, clean-your-life kick and my goal is to have a blog that represents that offline version of me online.

Thank you, as always, for sticking around. It’s appreciated, noticed, and, well, I love you guys!


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