10 Essential Tips For the Princess Half Marathon

Know before you go: 10 Essential Tips For the Princess Half Marathon that will ensure the first time runDisney participant has a royally good time.

So you think you’re a Princess?

You’re about to find out just what that means when you cross the start lines at the Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

You might be excited or gassy, or somewhere in that zone, I get it. I remember that feeling well- of course, I was also 6 months pregnant for my first Princess, so that was probably an accurate description of things!

Baby #OhLucy hitched along for the ride. A 5K plus a Half Marathon: what was I thinking?! I was going to Disney- THAT’S what I was thinking!

So, yeah, that was me. Oh so long ago.

Every year around this time things tend to get heated on social media. It’s easy to see why: folks are curious, they are nervous, they want to plan ahead, and they want to know what to expect. They have #allthequestions and need #alltheanswers.

Again, I get it! That was me.

That’s why I started this blog in the first place.

Back in 2011, there was very little information about the Princess Half Marathon. And certainly, little of it that related to me: a back of the pack older mother runner. And when I was finished that year, I swore I’d never be back!

Welp. We all know how THAT turned out.

Wearing a tutu and channeling my inner Fantasia Ostrich at the 2016 Enchanted 10K

Wearing a tutu and channeling my inner Fantasia Ostrich at the 2016 Enchanted 10K

Over the years and miles, I’ve learned a lot about this event. I know what can go wrong, what might go wrong, what will go wrong, and how to avoid a lot of those things. And I also know why I keep going back. Spoiler alert: because it’s a BLAST.

I put together some of my top tips for the first time race weekend & Walt Disney World visitor. A racecation at the most magical place on earth is unlike anything else: here’s hoping I can answer some of your biggest questions before you go.

What’s inside this Ebook?

  • Packing list for the race
  • Magical Express instructions
  • Corral information
  • Expo info
  • Etiquette reminders (ahem- we all can use a gentle reminder, right ladies?)
  • Photo tips & character spots

And more…

Are you excited? I am! Go download your copy and let’s have a great Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

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 Good luck at the races, Princesses!

Patty Holliday

Patty is a 40-ish mother of four living in Virginia. A bit geeky, sometimes sarcastic, lover of a candid confession. She's trying to love running, she swears. But much like her marathon, it’s taking a very long time. Ahem. She's searching for the perfect way to balance family, work, travel, and fitness. Perfect defined as high on fun, low on guilt.