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My kids have been off for Spring Break for three and a half days. And we’ve spent most of their Spring Break in Washington DC.

And I’m an exhausted, weary, in bed by 8 pm bone tired momma over here.

I’m not complaining, though. No, really. And if you know me, you know that’s a new thing. I’m usually not a fan of the breaks because that means my people are home and soooo bored.

When they are bored, they bug each other. Which then, naturally, bugs me because I’m trying really hard to work and stuff.

Working from Home during the summer: parents, we need help, amirite? This is hard. How to balance kids and working when we coexist all summer long. Tips and tricks from this mom.

Breaks are trying times around here, yo!

We didn’t travel this year and are instead welcoming all the grandparents for a visit. My in-laws were here this weekend and my parents come next. One of the perks of living in a cool area: everyone is willing to come see you!

Spring Break in Washington DC

Day one of MuseumPalooza aka Spring Break in Washington DC

We’ve been covering the city pretty hard and next week is full of awesome.

I’m loving the itineraries we have planned. Bring on the historical nerdy goodness.

The kids? Well, someday they will have fond memories and tell their children lies stories about how they never complained. Because 24 museums in 10 days are just what kids in their tweens and teens want to do during Spring Break.

Natural History Museum Spring Break in Washington DC

Seth, make a funny face like the elephant is coming! Oh, well, okay then…

I know, I get it. It’s probably not the most exciting way to spend a break from school. I mean- it’s in the name: Spring BREAK. There should be a break from learning and stuff, amirite?

But this is Spring Break in Washington DC… #cantstopwontstop

Sure- we will add some downtime in soon. I have a feeling by Thursday we will all need a day of Netflix binging to recharge our batteries. I have that sorta planned out already.

But until we crash and burn, man, we are going to see as much history as I can pull off.

Lincoln Memorial Spring Break in Washington DC

I prepped them a little bit when I dragged them down to the Tidal Basin for cherry blossom viewing. After that day, they knew I was pretty serious about this history stuff.

We checked out the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, and the MLK Memorial. And took about a zillion pictures of pretty pink and white trees.


We’ve also crossed the Air and Space Museum off our list and have plans to visit the one in Chantilly in a few weeks with friends.

So far this Spring Break in Washington, DC,  we visited the Smithsonian Castle, the American History Museum, the Washington, WWII, Korean, Lincoln and Vietnam Monuments, the White House and the Natural History Museum.

We also learned that there is always a line outside the International Spy Museum.

International Spy Museum Spring Break in Washington DC

We passed this one up twice on Sunday but am hoping to go back later this week. Maybe a weekday will be a better option? I’ll keep you posted.

We’ve also found that everything is “right there” when you are walking around the streets of DC. Look up at a building, any building, and you may discover, hey, I know that place! They store our founding documents in there… and, hey look! They enforce them from there, etc.


Me: Hey, on our way back, we should swing by the White House!

Kids: groooaaannn that’s so out of the way….

Me: (whips out Maps on the iPhone) BOOM. It’s literally on the route if we just went up a block a bit now instead of later.

white house Spring Break in Washington DC

Huzzah! We found it.

Thanks, technology!

So it’s been fun. We’re tired, and most of us fell asleep immediately after our 2 margaritas at dinner (and by most of us I just mean me), but we’re having a good time exploring our new backyard.

We’re still making plans for the rest of the week. If you have a must-do suggestion, please leave me a comment and let me know how we can make sure #museumpalooza is complete for our staycation Spring Break in Washington DC.

Natural History Museum Giant Quid Spring Break in Washington DC

Checking out giant squid and such. They all said “ewwww” afterward. Agreement is rare, but in this case, I’ll take it!

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