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August 1 means a new month- and it’s a good one because it means the end of summer is near.

Topic for this week: How do you display/store your running bling/running clothes/running shoes?

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Storing of the Running Gear

I am looking forward to this topic because I’m hoping you guys have some great suggestions!

Me? I’m a hot mess.

Shoes to the right of me. Sports bras to the left of me. Garmin who knows where… With the move I haven’t even found the box of bling, much less displayed it!

It’s all in a box right now, but I used to have the bling on a nice rack!

That’s kinda how my life has been of late, a big hot mess!

But I’ve been promising myself that school year 2017/2018 is going to be one of change. I’ve got one child going into Middle School and another starting High School— and organization is a key skill they need to start learning.

Flying by the seat of our pants in #allthethings has gotten us this far, but it’s time to buckle down a bit.

Or at least give the process a try.

So please please please link up your clever hacks for storing the running gear.

Help me, Tuesdays on the Run linkers, you are my only hope!


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  • AmyC says:

    Most of my bling is in storage (since we moved to Hong Kong), but I have two medals sitting a drawer that I’ve earned since we moved. One is from race in Dubai and the other from a race in China!

  • I have no clever hacks! I have a box that holds all my winter running gear, a few boxes in the closet for my fuel and other items, and my clothes are stuffed into my dresser. Pretty sad, right?

  • I have a re-purposed accordian-style coffee mug/peg rack with all of my medals. All of my clothing is in designated shelves in my closet (the shirts are “rolled” and stacked according to sleeve-length (long, short, tank, etc.). I figured out by rolling them, I can actually see most of the colors easily without have to dig. I also have a basket in the mud room devoted to sunglasses, Ipod, fuel belts, etc.

  • Lesley says:

    I put boxes away in my closet and really need to find a new place for them. I could use that floor space for some small shelves.

  • Marcia says:

    Hot messes unite! I have organizing jags but none really stick. Inevitably I end up in seat-of-the-pants ville.

  • I feel like I have so much running clothing that takes up my bedroom…I need a better way to organize everything, it’s just so overwhelming! And the medals/bibs are a whole other story…

  • Teresa says:

    I’m in that ‘hot mess’ category myself! Our recent move has had us in a rental house since November waiting on our previous house to sell. Organization what? Fortunately, we’ve sold the house and are set to close on new house this month ….sigh….another move, but this time just across town and maybe, just maybe I can finally get all of my running gear all in one place!

  • I have no hacks either but hopefully will get some tips from these posts to organize my stuff.

  • vicki says:

    I have a kids toy rack deal that I put my socks/shorts/tights and tanks in… I’ve outgrown it, so what doesn’t fit is in a laundry basket or stacked on my closet floor.

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